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Caro Kinsella, Esq.
Attorney & Counselor at Law
Law Offices of Caro Kinsella
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My name is Caro Kinsella. I was born and raised in Limerick, Ireland. I have been living in Florida now for just over six years.

My law practice, Law Offices of Caro Kinsella, exclusively practices Immigration Law and our office is located in Deerfield Beach Florida. I am admitted to practice law in the State of New York. However, my clients are from all over the world, and throughout the United States. You do not have to be in the state of Florida in order for me to act as your Attorney, since Immigration law is Federal law; therefore I am permitted to practice Immigration law within all 50 states.

I have a team of experienced legal experts, and with our combined knowledge of Immigration law coupled with our dedication; we are here to guide you with all your Immigration matters. Our job is to make sure you know your Immigration rights, and understand and know the laws that are applicable to your particular situation.

Whether you are in the U.S. legally or illegally; wish to stay longer, or obtain a Green Card; or if you are outside the U.S. and want to know the best way to enter the United States, contact my office for a free initial consultation.



I live in Iceland and I have a girlfriend with U.S. citizenship, but she has been living in my country for around 8 years now. Her dream is to move back to the U.S. to her father’s family again. Her mother is Icelandic. So I want to ask, what can I do to get permission to move to and work in the U.S. ? Marriage is on our plan for the future but we like to go as soon as we can, I already know about a job for me.

Answer from Caro Kinsella, Immigration Attorney:

Your girlfriend can either file a K-1 (fiancé visa) for you; my office is seeing a processing time frame of about 4-6 months for this type of visa. As you said you want to enter the U.S. ASAP. I would suggest you file a tourist visa.


I appealed to BIA 1 year a 7 months ago, my case is asylum. Do you know how long does it usually take? seem my friends were only one year. Thank you.

Answer from Caro Kinsella, Immigration Attorney:

That seems like an awfully long time, BIA decisions are typically within one year. I would call the clerk at the BIA, to see whether they can confirm anything about whether your matter has been adjudicated.


U.S. female citizen marrying a male citizen of the U.S. Male citizen is in the U.S. on a travel visa. Can they get married now in the U.S. ?

Answer from Caro Kinsella, Immigration Attorney:

If you enter the U.S. under a tourist visa (I guess that’s what you mean by travel visa), then after 30 days of him being in the U.S. he is free to marry you. The 1ast 30 days of entering, there will be a preconceived intent issue which is irrebutable.


I’m U.S. Citizen and me and my bf want to get married. However he does not have a papers to live in the U.S. He was 7 years old when he entered the U.S. What is the process we would need to take in order for him to obtain a green card? During this process will he be able to get a temporary work permit and/or driver licence in California ?

Answer from Caro Kinsella, Immigration Attorney:

It really depends on how he entered the U.S. (for example was he inspected or did he cross the border). If he is eligible to adjust his status in the U.S. through you, then once his papers are filed he will get his work authorization within 90 days and if not we can request an interim work authorization. My office typically sees a turn around time of roughly 4 -6 months before you will be called for an interview to get the conditional green card.


Hi I came to the United States at the age of 6. My father brought me into the country with another boys documents. I am now 24 years old with a 4 year old son and engaged to be married. I have been told that if i leave the country before i am deported, that i can return to the united states. I am a college student who recieves good grades and I have never had a brush in with the law. This is the only country that i know, and i refuse to retun to dominican republic and contribute to their economy. What can i do to stay in this country? If i leave, how long will it be until i can return . My father abandoned me after he brought me here, and I cannot imagine a life without my son. Please help.

Answer from Caro Kinsella, Immigration Attorney:

If you have proof of the boy’s identity you entered the U.S. Under then if your fiancée is a U.S. Citizen you should submit a waiver (this will waive your unlawful presence in the U.S. Along with the fraud for using another’s identity). Your fiancée & child would act as the qualifying relatives and would have to show extreme hardship. You submit without leaving the U.S. (as you will trigger a 10 year bar if you leave the U.S.).


"Immigration Attorney Caro Kinsella; filed an E-2 visa for me and my family. She prepared the petition and guided us at every stage. Our petition was approved at the U.S. consulate in the United Kingdom and we are now living and working in the United States and love it here. I have no hesitation in recommending Caro - she rocks lol!!!! - marysofolabo @"

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